UFO University Week 7


Positive Affirmation of the Week: “I listen to people’s needs and provide solutions for them.”


Download Weekly Documents Here
Week 7 Worksheet: When complete, send photo to your mentor


Audio of the Week:
Result Producing Activities: Proven Retailing Principles” - Kevin Buckman (ADL2395)

Result-Producing Activities: Fundamentals of Recruiting” - Jim Winkler (ADL2463)


Schedule to attend Internet Sales and Marketing: Websites, Tools, & Resources Training
Read Career Manual Chapters 15-20: http://usacan-eng.documents.unfranchise.com/


Review the 4 Step Process to Prospecting, Recruiting, and Sponsoring Document and How to Design an Approach

Schedule Home Business Presentation for Prospect, new UFO, or at your home for Week 7 where You Present the Introduction
Schedule Home Product Event for Prospect, new UFO, or at your home for Week 8 where You Present the Products/Wellness 101/Motives/TLS Overview

Host Call Workshop


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