UFO University Week 2


Positive Affirmation of the Week:  “I am the owner of my life, and my choices reflect my future.”


Week 2 Worksheet:  Once complete, snap a photo and send to your mentor.


Audios of the Week:
“Breakdown to Breakthrough” - Loren Ridinger (ADL2572) or watch video below

“Programming Yourself to Be a Hopeless Success” - JR Ridinger (ADL199)
JR Basic 5: Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring excerpt


Read Career Manual Chapters 1-3: http://usacan-eng.documents.unfranchise.com/


Conduct 10 Home Shopping List Surveys (see the Home Shopping List System here)

Handout 3 Daily Essentials Packets to 5 individuals and Health Surveys (see the Trial Marketing System here)
Download Retail Tracker for the above

Take NutriPhysical:

Take Free Weight Loss Profile: http://www.tlsslim.com/weight-loss-profile/
Take Skincare Analysis: http://www.motivescosmetics.com/learn/skincare-analysis

Answer to "What do you do?" and "What is it?"
2-minute Commercial 

What 1-3 Products Will You Focus on Promoting and Why?

List 3 Geographies where you will build your Business (2 local within 1 hour, 1 long distance)

List 3 Sources of Possibilities (Organic, Ads, Facebook, Linked In, Networking Groups, Etc.)

Other Areas my Team is Currently Located

Other Areas My Team is Currently Expanding

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