UFO University Week 12


Positive Affirmation for the Week: “I'm working through large numbers of people
to identify small numbers that will lead my to large numbers.”



Week 12 Worksheet: When complete, send to your mentor


Audio of the Week:

Sponsoring and Trial Run Part 1 – JR Ridinger (ADL31)

Sponsoring and Trial Run Part 2 – JR Ridinger (ADL31)

MPCP3 – JR Ridinger (ADL2581)


Attend/Participate in Coring

Schedule Names List Night

Identify next 2 Home Business Presentations

Schedule Appointment Workshop

Schedule next Coring

Read Go Pro by Eric Worre

Watch or Listen to this over
the next 2 Weeks

Audio File:
Recruiting and Upper Level Training (ADL2589)

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