UFO University Week 11


Positive Affirmation for the Week: “People are leading me to incredible people.”



Week 11 Worksheet: When complete, send photo to your mentor


Audio of the Week:

Follow-up and the ABC Pattern – JR Ridinger (ADL43)

Putting It All Together Part 1 – JR Ridinger (ADL2047)


Putting It All Together Part 2 – JR Ridinger (ADL2047)

Draw out an ABC Pattern
Identify 1 UFO on the Left and 1 UFO on the Right you will work with
*if haven’t sponsored any UFO’s yet, or do not have Go Now UFO’s to work with, contact mentor and schedule 1 home event each week over the next 2 weeks

Schedule 2 Home Events EACH over next 2 weeks


Read Go Pro by Eric Worre

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