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Sponsoring Folder Documents
This is a systemized approach to getting new UnFranchise Owners started correctly and thoroughly.  Create a few and have a few of these sponsoring folders prepared and ready for your next personal UnFranchise Owner or UnFranchise Owner in depth.  Start this process during the follow-up meetings, and it will create a smooth transition into becoming a PRODUCTIVE, New UnFranchise Owner. Watch the video and see the contents below.  The video states that Market America Pocket Folders are no longer available, which is incorrect.  Below you will see that they are on unfranchise.com under Code #131.

Market America Pocket Folders (Code #131, pack of 10, $15)
Home Shopping Checklist (Code #671, pack of 20, $5)

MA Catalog (Code #800, pack of 5, $10)

Getting Started Guide (pack of 5, $7.50) or Download Here


Download and Print the Following for the folder

Congratulations Letter

Power of What We Create
Financing Your UnFranchise
UnFranchise Commitment

Success in Your MA Business
Time Form
New UnFranchise Owner Tracker (NUOT)

Making Your Names List
Blank Possibilities Sheet
Prospect Bio Sheets
Weekly Checklist


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