Step 4: Expanding Your Business
Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring

The Process: Prospecting, Recruiting, Sponsoring


It is critical to understand that sponsoring a new UFO is a process, not an event.  This process is MORE important than the actual event of registering someone's business.  The reason people don't have anyone to sponsor is because they have no prospects, because they haven't worked on any POSSIBILITIES! So from a source of contacts, we develop possibilities that will lead to potential prospects.  And prospecting is the art of asking questions and listening to the answer to determine if someone may be right for the business or a product. 


Only THEN can we INVITE them to review some information.  The inviting process or approach is perhaps, the most important skill to learn, as it sets in motion the rest of the process.  The presenting phase is perhaps the easiest, a common misconception.  Sharing information with a qualified prospect is simply details, and you can use a variety of tools for the exposure.  Once someone is exposed, we follow-up to answer questions, and follow-through to progress them into the sponsoring phase....the TRAINING/COACHING phase.




No UFO left behind

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