The Playbook for Success & Duplication

-Simple tasks that can be repeated by a large number of people.


NOTE: The first 3 plays must be completed within your first 10 days if you are serious about making a 6-figure on-going income for your goals.

1.  Make your your homepage on each computer and each browser being used in your household. Be sure your login information is stored on each computer and browser as well.

2.  Install Shop Buddy on each browser on each computer in your household.

3.  Review the Stores Tab or Download the Stores list here. Highlight and know the stores where you are already spending money. If a store you frequent is not listed, think of the products, services, items, brands you shop for at that store and identify a Partner Store to get the same items through your

4.  Go to ShopLocal and Link your card for offline purchases at ShopLocal stores, and accept to receive alerts and notifications on your mobile phone.

5.  Download the Shop Mobile App on your SmartPhone.

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