Step 2: Goals & Goal Statement

The Reason WHY you build your UnFranchise Business, your DRIVING PURPOSE, and your defined OUTCOME 

Your goal statement is the most important precursor to success, because if you do not know what "success" means to you, you can never achieve it. Success is a relative term to each and every individual. By defining your goals, aims, and objectives, you can be sure to stay on track towards your predetermined outcome, the result you are looking to achieve.  Now, without a reason why or a driving purpose the result itself has no true meaning. 


We first identify what we need, want, or don't want.  Then we define why and dig deep to find that purpose and the meaning attaining that goal has to you.  In this process, it may change the initial goal.  This activity is the single most important step.  From here we can put parameters on timing, timeline, and an action plan to achieve the outcome..a road map.  Focus on Results (Outcomes), Purpose (Why), and a M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan)


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