Sample WordPress Blog Post (Edit or Delete After Reading)

Welcome to your Integrated WordPress Blog! This is your first post. After reading the instruction text below, please delete this post, or replace it with a new title and your own text.

We strongly recommend that you maintain this WordPress Blog for your Recruiting Site, and create new posts frequently with news about Market America and your personal experiences as a Market America Distributor. We also encourage you to post about your experiences using pictures and videos!

Important Note: The initial Web address (URL) of your Integrated WordPress Blog is However, if you purchase a Domain Name, YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/blog is another way for Internet users to visit your blog.
To display posts from your Integrated WordPress Blog on a page within your Recruiting Site, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Within your Admin interface, navigate to Web Site > Add New Page
  2. On the “Add New Page” screen, enter the following required information:
    • Short Page Name: (for example, “My Blog”)
    • Page File Name: (for example, “myblog”)
    • Menu Item Name: (for example, “My Blog”)
    • Copy From: (select “Integrated WordPress Blog Page”)
    • Integrated WordPress Blog Domain: (if you have purchased a Domain Name for your Recruiting Site, select YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME; otherwise ignore this option)
  3. Publish your Web Site by navigating to Web Site > Page List and clicking the “Publish Web Site” button above the Page List.
  4. When Publishing is complete, click “View Live Site” to verify that your Integrated WordPress Blog posts now appear within the “My Blog” page on your Recruiting Site.

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