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UnFranchise Media Getting Started Series:
“Breakdown to Breakthrough” - Loren Ridinger (ADL2572) 
“Programming Yourself to Be a Hopeless Success” - JR Ridinger (ADL199)
JR Basic 5: Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring excerpt

"Science of Automatic Prospecting, Recruiting, and Sponsoring"- JR Ridinger (ADL29)

"Talking in Themes” - Andrew Weissman (ADL25)
Shopping Annuity Recruiting” - Carl Eklund (ADL2464)

“Recruiting and Sponsoring Effectively” - Frank Keefer. (ADL2127)

Basic 5 Parts 1 & 2 with JR Ridinger (ADL4)
Basic 5 Part 1
Basic 5 Part 2

“Becoming a Master Recruiter”- JR Ridinger (ADL26)

“Overcoming Objections” – Frank Keefer (ADL39)

Booking Quality Appointments – Steve Harris (ADL2268)

Master Building Techniques Part 1 –JR Ridinger (ADL28)
Master Building Techniques Part 2 –JR Ridinger (ADL28)

Shopping Annuity Membership and the MPCP2  – JR Ridinger (ADL2594)

Follow-up and the ABC Pattern – JR Ridinger (ADL43)

Sponsoring and Trial Run Part 1 – JR Ridinger (ADL31)

Sponsoring and Trial Run Part 2 – JR Ridinger (ADL31)

MPCP3 – JR Ridinger (ADL2581)

Building Your Shopping Annuity and Creating Duplication in your Organization with JR Ridinger (ADL2458)

Leadership and Goal Setting - Andy Docos (ADL2040)
Building a Winning Team with Amber Yang (ADL2266)

Role of Leadership with Dennis Franks (ADL2196)

The Original Basic 5 Series with JR Ridinger:

1 - Intro and Comparison

2 - Basic 5 Overview and Importance

3 - Quality Time with GoNows and Meeting System Logic

4 - Attitude & Knowledge

5 - Goals & A Goal Statement

6 - Retailing

7 - Prospecting, Recruiting, & Sponsoring

8 - Follow-up & The ABC Pattern

Follow-Up and Close with JR Ridinger
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Cash Flow Quadrant
Go Pro

The Giver

The Secret

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Your First Year in Network Marketing

Sell or Be Sold

The Four Agreements
Think and Grow Rich

Science of Getting Rich

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Attitude 101


21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

The Slight Edge

High Performance Habits

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Maximum Achievement

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