Elite Dreams - Foundations 101


Create Consistency in Daily Activities

Create Shopping Annuity Master Member Habits
Create Master UnFranchise Owner Habits


Convert 125BV Per Week to MA Brands and $125 Per Week through Shop.com

Sell $75 per week in MA Brands

Personally Sponsor 1 New UnFranchise Owner


Connect/Reconnect with 2 New People each Day

Invite/Approach a New Top Ten each Week

Share the Business Opportunity 1x per Week

Create 1 new Customer per Week 

Track Weekly Activity with the 30 Day Accountability Sheet

It can happen to you! 
Meet Heidi Gruss, who left her corporate career with her 2 year plan with Market America. 
Read her story here:


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How to Launch 2 Partners per Month

The biggest problem all UnFranchise owners have is - WHERE DO I FIND THE PEOPLE? Think about it - every other problem or issue you have in your business would be resolved if you had new partners launching and your team was growing consistently - right?! 

Over the last 24 months we've tracked what it takes to find the people. We've launched over 50 partners into our organization in the last 24 months bc of these techniques in this session! 

There's two parts to prospecting in a digital age - manual and automatic. I'll break down both, how to do it and how to leverage media to make it happen at scale. 

Finally, I'll cover approaches on how to book appointments and get appointments to commit and show up! That's the most important part of the whole process is moving from prospecting to a top ten - booking appointments and then achieving results! 

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